Code of Conduct

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Cheerleading is a team sport!  Each and every cheerleader is important to their team and it is expected that participants attend all practices and games. We all recognize and certainly understand unexpected situations arise, such as illness, and that a cheerleader may have to miss an occasional practice or game, but it is unacceptable for a cheerleader to not attend practice without good reason. Excessive absences may place a child at a disadvantage in learning their routines or stunts and may result in not being able to participate in the Half-Time Routine. Your team relies on you. Please make an effort to attend all practices and games.


  • Will be respectful to one another, coaches and opposing teams
  • Will never E-mail, Text message, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, or use any other social media to post negative comments about a fellow cheerleader, coach or the JP Cheerleading Program
  • Will be at all practices/games and if for any reason you are not able to attend you must contact your coach
  • Will be dressed in the complete uniform for games
  • Will show positive attitude at all times
  • Will watch and applaud opposing teams “Hello” cheer and “Half-Time” routine
  • Will stop cheering and kneel quietly if a player on the filed is injured and being attended to
  • Will applaud an injured player once taken off the field
  • Will not use a cell phone during practice or cheering on the field