About Us

Plainsmen Jr. Cheerleading League was founded in 2004 by 5 women who agreed that we needed a program for young girls who are interested in cheerleading in the community. With the help of Maria Albanese, Theresa Picard, Shannon Roberts, Sheilah McCart and Alexandra Wise-Brogna we developed the program to be a safe instructional environment.

Our goal is to provide any girl interested in becoming a cheerleader the opportunity to learn values like team leadership, teamwork, respect, cultivate new friendships and building confident young women.

We received additional help for our coaching staff from Pam Mason a former competitive cheer coach and the Shen Cheerleading Program Head Coach Lauren Berger.

In 2008 we were given approval by Shen to have our 8th grade cheerleaders cheer at home games for the 8th grade Shen Modified Football Team. This gave our girls the chance to cheer in front of their peers thus helping them make the transition to what it would feel like cheering at a high school level.

When we started we had 2 squads and for the 2011 season we reached a new goal of 9 squads. Our next goal is to reach 12 squads so that we have a squad for each JP Football Tackle Team.

Our current League President is Alexandra Wise-Brogna.